Listen: Bordeaux Lip – Compliments EP

I know, for the most part, that Mondays & Tuesdays can be very boring/long. What if I told you that there was a way to take the rest of your week to the next level with some, raw, unfiltered rock and roll? Well there is and their name is Bordeaux […]

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Listen: Limb – Spire

Looking for something to bump before a night out? You might want to look at UK band Limb. The only way I can describe the artist is by saying Limb is rock and roll with a heaping does of d&b/techno giving you the right amount of energy for a saturday […]

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Listen: 2KX – Sussuration

Looking for a taste of something new? How bout progressive rock group 2KX? The band returns after two-year break with a new lead vocalist, John Baker (formerly of Mars Hollow and The Little Girls), and a new EP titled Sussuration —  an epic 11  minute musical journey ranging from symphonic, pop and […]

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Listen: Fire and the Romance – Rescue

First we hit you with a remix of Fire and the Romance’s “She’s A Devil,” now we hit you with a brand new track, the 3rd single from their forthcoming Adaptations LP called “Rescue.”

On “Rescue” we find the group taking a softer approach to their blend of indietronica goodness. The […]

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Listen: Dog Society – Losing Her Again

NYC pop collective, Dog Society, have come out with new album called In the Shade, the follow up to 2013’s Emerge. If you feel like you have heard the name before, it is because we have mentioned them before on this site.

Here is a quick refresher, Dog Society consists of […]

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Listen: In the Whale

Friday is here, and it’s time to get the weekend party started. There is nothing better to kick it off than with some fresh, new music. This weekend’s tunes come courtesy of Denver duo In the Whale. Members Nate Valdez (vocals and guitar) and Eric Riley (drums and backing vocals) have […]

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Listen: Eron Falbo

Brazilian born Eron Falbo, AKA Falbo is making his entrance in the music world with his debut release, 73. Falbo grew up in Brasilia which helped shaped a lot of his musical styles. He started off as a DJ, spinning his favorite tunes at parties/clubs, which eventually led him to […]

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Listen: Secrets Of A Wooden Hut

Got some new music to share with you from Melbourne Australia band, Secrets of A Wooden Hut. The band got started when original band members, Heath Mitchell and Scott Murdock got together to bring something back to music that has been missing. They wanted a sound that got back to […]

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