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Listen: Nubia Emmon – Hooked on Your Love

New music from Austin’s multi-talented singer/rapper, dancer and songwriter, Nubia Emmon. Stretching those vocal chords since she was 3, Nubia was around music from an early age, she is a distant cousin of The Queen of Gospel, Mahalia Jackson, and her father

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Video: Rebel J. Rose – Bad Girl

This new video I’m about to share comes form artist Rebel J. Rose. Inspired by the works of Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix and Rick James, was part of a singing group where he learned about harmonizing and collaboration.

Soon after he

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Video: Tonye – Criminal

Got some fresh new R&B for your from Tonye. This artist, songwriter, and Creative is taken the African music industry by storm with her sultry vocals and deep lyrics. After coming to the realization that the normal 9-5 thing wont cut it for

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Single: Samie Bisaso – Completely

New music for your holiday weekend comes from Boston R&B artist, Samie Bisaso. Mr Bisaso intermingles contemporary stylings of R&B gospel, soul and pop to create a sound that can crossover many genres. Having a deep connection with his love for God inspires

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Video: Monique Lawrence – On

UK singer-songwriter Monique Lawrence drops the official music video for new single ‘ON,’ bringing a refreshing new attitude to the UK music scene. Having spent the last year working with UK based producer Joey Dyer (known for producing ‘New Bitch’ on Iggy Azalea’s

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Listen: Stronger/Soulsister (prod by Dmani Rhodes)

Ready to kick back and take it easy this weekend? If so, you may want to put your stereo on and tune into Texas R&B/soul artist, Tey Yaniis. This 25 year old lyricist is bringing his old soul personality to his sound by

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Listen: Chiffon Ma-ry – Keep It Moving

Next up we got a new track from R&B artist Chiffon Ma-ry. She sent us over her latest single called “Keep It Moving.” The track definitely falls within the pop range with a solid dance beat and melodies galore.

Peep the track below and

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Listen: Evin Gibson – Instant Fire

Time to take it down a notch with some sultry/sexy tunes courtesy of award-winning singer/songwriter/model/actor, Evin Gibson. Mr Gibson is taking us back to the 90’s with his R&B hit and latest single, “Instant Fire.”

The track was featured on MTV and the single

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