Welcome: The Society Islands – Archer

Next up is some dreamy, psychedelic indietronica Germany’s The Society Islands. The solo project of Boris Rogowski, he has a very unique, and catchy, sound that fuses neo-folk, pop, and indie rock with real-to-life lyrics. Contributing most of the music (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, woodwinds, percussions, drums), he also enlisted […]

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Listen: Michael Cullen – Nothing Special

We got a whole bunch of new tunes coming your way in the next few days. Lets start it off with Austrailan Artist, Michael Cullen. This resonant baritones draws from genres such as Stax, Mowtown, New Wave and 80s British pop.

He recently released an album, True Believer, that really highlights […]

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Welcome: Rasplyn

Get ready to release your 3rd eye and take a drip to another dimension of music. Todays tune comes courtesy of Chitown native Carolyn O’Neill, aka Rasplyn. The solo project of Ms O’Neill, she uses her experience with classical composition and film to create mystical and visual landscapes with her […]

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Single: Mason Way – Believe Me (Ft. GrimestarX MuataTheRapper)

I am always amazed at what people can achieve at such a young age. Mason Way is one of those people. This Maryland native is only 16 years old and is already pumping out tunes that are comparable with his older counterparts.

He sent us over his latest record “Believe Me” […]

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Welcome: Andrea Remondini

Andrea Remondini is no stranger to making music. He has been doing it since the mid-80’s when he as only 12 years old. Back then he taught himself to play the piano and made some early experimentations in electronic music using the computers of the time. Fast forward 10 years, […]

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Listen: Paradis

French duo Paradis first came on my radar with ultra smoove tracks “La Ballade de Jim” and “Parfait Tirage,” and now it appears they’re about to bust out a new record for us. The guys started work on the new record in South France over a year ago, and yesterday […]

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Listen: Jenny’s Vision Project – Angels

Get ready to break out those tissues because Norway’s Jenny’s Vision Project will bring some tears to your eyes. A multinational independent music project, Jenny’s Vision Project enlists the talent of guest vocalist`s, artists and musicians from Los Angeles, Hollywood, Canada, France and Norway — a universal project in both […]

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Listen: Ms D – My Pen

We love sharing new music with you. That’s why we are pleased to introduce you to the multi-talented 22 year old singer-songwriter Ms D, who in spite of never having released a note of her own material to date has already amassed five top 10 hits to her name.

Ms. D […]

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