Single: Worldwide Groove Corporation – Daydream

Some awesome new music came to our inbox today from an electronic group called Worldwide Groove Corporation. This Nashville duo, made up of Kurt Goebel and Ellen Tift, committed to putting out one new music release a month for at least a year. They sent us over their latest single, “Daydream”, to check out and […]

Single: Patti Yang – I’m Ready

Today’s jam comes from UK artist, Patti Yang. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her forthcoming album, set for release later this year. For this album Patti split her recording time between London and Joshua Tree, mixing her native UK dance vibes with the psychedelic heritage of the Californian dessert. She was awesome […]

Single: Honey Butter – Times (ft. Chris Savor)

New music this afternoon comes from Brooklyn via London singer/producer, Chris Savor. He sent us over his latest track, “Times,” an electronic one that he created with LA producer, Honey Butter. The tune is pretty legit, a downtempo tune with some cool drums and production techniques, plus a great vocal performance from Mr Savor. If […]

Listen: SLO – Fortune

Jess Mills returns as SLO. Under the new moniker she is set to release a 4 track EP that is a beautifully crafted selection of honest and haunting new material that showcase her emotive vocals and ongoing sophistication as a songwriter. Peep a track from the EP, “Fortune,” below and leave your thoughts in the […]

Remix: Broadcast – Subject To The Ladder (Lil Star Dweller Mix)

Is this the return of chillwave? Because I feel like I’m floating on air when I listen to the rework of Broadcast’s “Dubject To the Ladder” from Lil Star Dweller, the remix and experimental side project of Brooklyn’s Loveskills ( Richard Spitzer). Peep the track below and look for his other mixes on his Soundcloud […]

Video: Tears & Marble – We Don’t Like You

We talked about Dutch duo, Tears & Marble, a few weeks ago when they sent us over their interpretation of Haddaway’s “What Is Love.” Fast forward to today and they just sent us over a video to a new track they released called “We Don’t Like You” and it finally gives us an idea of what […]

Listen: Gold3nchild & Juliette Deuparis Young Wild Sparks

Australian based duo Gold3nchild & Juliette Deuparis are not new to the airwaves either, you may have heard they’re unique production on mainstream albums that have gone gold, double-platinum, triple platinum, and many popular indie acts… (Jessica Mauboy, Stan Walker, Iyaz, Snob Scrilla to name a few). Their latest release, a new tune called “Young […]

Welcome: Tears & Marble

Tears & Marble is a new independent electronic band from the Dutch coast. These two 80’s geek songwriter stumbled upon each other in Holland and decided to make some music together. They have an EP coming out in early 2014  and to give you an idea of what it’s like, they sent us a cover song/video […]

Listen: Hundreds – Beehive (Prelude)

Next up we have some new music from German duo, Hundreds. The track is called “Beehive (Prelude)” and is an instrumental variation of a new track from the upcoming album Aftermath, released via Sinnbus on March 14th 2014. Peep the video dark, ambient tune below and leave your thoughts in the comments. enjoY!

Video: Water Graves – Iridescent

Water Graves is an ambient pop duo out of Perth, Western Australia. Originating as a bedroom project of Coel Healy it soon evolved after he started jamming with guitarist and singer Blake Hart in the living room of an old house in Fremantle. Water Graves combines electronic production techniques; lo-fi textures and watery synth tones, […]

Welcome: Bedlam

Bedlam, a new London based production team, is turning out some smooth dance tracks. Their first single, “Twist Of Fate” is a nice introduction to their wicked awesome sound. Rooted in bass-heavy electronic soul, their sound is made up of crisp beats and restless late-night melodies. One thing is for sure, their contemporary R&B vibe […]

AudioDax (@AudioDax) – F*ck That (I’mma Be Fine)

DePauw’s finest, AudioDax, have released the video and a FREE download of their latest single, “F*ck That (I’mma Be Fine)” off of their forthcoming album. We haven’t heard from the lads in a while so it’s great to see them back with fresh material! Download “F*ck That (I’mma Be Fine)” below.

Claire Tchaikowski – Those Thousand Seas

  Warning: Video is NSFW. Here’s a song that’s too beautiful for words. “Those Thousand Seas”, the title track off of Claire Tchaikowki’s 2009 debut album, is exceptionally simple yet beautiful, as with a lot of vocal music. The Swiss-born daughter of an Irish mother and half Polish father, Claire learned Irish singing from her […]

Milosh (@miloshmusic) – Looper in Berlin

Check out this video of Canadian musician Milosh messing around with the Ableton Looper. The result is simply beautiful and chill enough for a gorgeous late spring day. Check it out. Radio Morillo

Utada (@utadahikaru) – Sanctuary

Japanese-American singer/songwriter and pop megastar Utada may mean nothing to you, but in her home country she’s the equivalent of Britney Spears circa 2000 plus every other pop star rolled into one. Born in New York City to musician parents, Utada quickly made a name for herself in the J-pop (Japanese pop) scene, releasing five […]

KING (@wearekingmusic) – The Story

The past 48 hours have been an adventure for Los Angeles based trio KING. Questlove happened upon their music serendipitously on Twitter, and as to be expected, when tweeted by an artist and celebrity of this caliber followers followed suit and followed KING. Now with over 1,000 followers, the talented group have won over people […]

Listen: Illogical Time Concerns

San Francisco’s Illogical Time Concerns is an ambient indie pop producer who has decided to release his entire discography for free. A collection, 7 years in the making, has grown over time and he wanted to let you in on his art. If you wanted to see what ITC is up to lately, click here to check […]

Radio Morillo’s Top 10 Songs of 2010

This year’s top 10 was particularly difficult; just rummaging through the songs and albums I listened to in 2010 seemed daunting enough. But alas, it wouldn’t be the end of 2010 without a top 10 something and continuing where I left off last year,  I shall bring it to your attention once again. In no […]

Chill Out: Cling Release Best Of Compilation

Ambient/trip-hop group, Cling, released a compilation of their best tracks at the beginning of December. Check out their haunting “Beyond Your Dreams” below and make sure to pick up the album from their Bandcamp page. enjoY! Cling – Beyond Your Dreams