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Single: Paul Dreamz – Summer Jam

Get ready to bring those summer vibes in early with a new tune from Paul Dreamz. Aptly titled, ‘Summer Jam’ this smooth house record bring the right amount of chill,pop and catchiness to make it your go-to track no matter what the

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Album: Aminita Satori – Back to the Stars We Go

Continuing our chill out Saturday, next up we have some new music From Chicago artist, Aminita Satori. A former jingle writer, he left the business after dealing with some inner artistic dilemas. A little time went buy and he was once again inspired

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Listen: Master Control Program 2000 – Kernel Assimilation

New music tonight comes from, electronic artist, Adriano Gattabuia. His main electronic project, known as The Abstract Flower, has taken a small break so he can focus on his new electronic side project, Master Control Program 2000 (MCP2k)

He sent us over Kernel Assimilation,

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  • CMD.CTRL music on BoomBoomChik

Listen: CMD.CTRL – Reset

Tonight we have some electro tunes from Iowa native, Justin Anderson aka CMND.CTRL. He sent us over his latest outing, called Reset. On the album is a collection of ambient, electronic music that he says was influenced by the likes of artists like

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  • Sonita music on BoomBoomChik

Single: Sonita – Do Me

Get Ready to dance the weekend away with the electro-pop fueled track “Do Me” from Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Sonita. The track has all the makings of a great Saturday night with a ridiculously catchy hook to keep you coming back for more.

Peep the track

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  • Bernie Journey music on BoomBoomChik

Single: Bernie Journey – Patience with My Heart (Original Version)

Next up is the new single from Cleveland singer/songwriter/producer, Bernie Journey. Growing up in Cleveland, he was raised within earshot of great rock ‘n’ roll and played a major influence on his musical career.

He sent us over his latest single, “Patience with

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  • Drone Flesh music on BoomBoomChik


Looking for something heavy and bassy? Then look no further than this new tune called “Revolution (Drone Flesh Evolution)” from Swiss producer, Drone Flesh. He mixes up the sonic spectrum with techno beats, dubstep punch and lush melodies that all collide into some

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Single: Worldwide Groove Corporation – Daydream

Some awesome new music came to our inbox today from an electronic group called Worldwide Groove Corporation. This Nashville duo, made up of Kurt Goebel and Ellen Tift, committed to putting out one new music release a month for at least a year.

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