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Single: Astronauts of Antiquity – Future Back

Today’s tunes comes from Cali socially conscious band, Astronauts of Antiquity (AOA). This electro-pop tiro have this brand new single out called “Future Back” and it is the second track from their forthcoming EP, The Maze.

For this single, the band teamed up with

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  • Ketil Lien aka Wim music on BoomBoomChik

Single: Wim – City Moods

Sometimes you feel like you have to just escape it all and go into your own Zen world. Now for me that involves some tunes that bring me to an ethereal realm — and I think I have found the perfect vehicle to

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  • celadon-candy

Listen: Celadon Candy – Celadonia

This beautiful Sunday has some new music for you. This time it comes from Electronic duo Celadon Candy. Originally conceived as a side project in 2010 of musician Paul Allgood while on hiatus from his main band Wedlock, he teamed up with multi-instrumentalist

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  • vns

Single: V.n.S – Fool’s Paradise (feat. Corine Caston)

Fresh for your Friday night is Sydney duo V.n.S. Composed of long time pals Val Malakhov and Sasha Ivanyuk, V.nS was formed in 2012 over a mutual passion for EDM. Today, they are bringing you a mix of house, trance, industrial and dubstep

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Listen: Bring on the Robots – Girl Never Met

To kick of the holiday weekend, we have some new tunes from Bring on the Robots, the brainchild of Boston eclectic producer J. Moreau. Influenced by the likes of Moby, BT, Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack, Underworld and a slew of other electronic greats, Bring

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  • Peripheral Method on BoomBoomChik

Single: Peripheral Method – Devils (Apocalypse)

Next up on the roster, we have a new tune from West Coast sound artist, Peripheral Method. He sent us over one of his latest tunes called “Devils (Apocalypse)” to check out.

He doesn’t classify himself as a musician, but rather a guy

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  • Beauty in the Breakdown music on BoomBoomCHik

Listen: Beauty In The Breakdown

Today we have some fresh new tunes from LA trio, Beauty in the Breakdown. Hailing from Highland Park, one of the oldest towns in Northeast LA which has fostered the talent of many musical greats, the exposure to live music ignited a rhythm

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  • Elena Charis music on BoomBoomChik

Mixtape: Elena Charis – High Off ECP

Here is something you don’t see/hear everyday, an all-dubstep mixtape, but Cali emcee Elena Charis has done just that. Getting her foot in the door of the music industry by doing music collabs, songwriting and radio exposure, she sent us over this mixtape

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