Brooklyn-based Blank Paper is the result of four eclectic and distinctive musical backgrounds converging into one path of alternative synth-pop. Blending a diverse set of genres ranging from electronica to soul to rock, the band originated in New York City in 2012. After their previous projects disbanded, Taylor Bense (synth, keys, guitar), Marie Kim (vocals, synth, keytar), Chris Holdridge (drums, sampler pads), and Cory Sterling (bass, synth bass) came together naturally to write and perform, sharing their passion for feel-good music with a darker edge.

From this collab came their single, “Ambien”  which features a tasteful display of production and engineering skills, mixing glistening 80s-style keyboard stabs with huge arena-sized live drums and soulful vocals with just a touch of vocoder. Check out the single below and leave your thoughts in the comments.