Pan was formed in early 2010 by guitarists Ian Flegas and Nate Stewart, who had been playing music together since the early days of high school. Eventually joined by Ryan Hutchens and Dylan Dickerson on bass and drums, the group is dedicated to creating dynamic and uplifting instrumental anthems. The name “Pan” was inspired by the notion that “happy thoughts make you fly” and the group’s fondness for the film Hook. With this inspiring philosophy as their muse, Pan set off to bring their music to listeners everywhere.

In March of 2011, they released their first EP, Post Rock is Not Dead, which combined the contemplative soundscapes of Explosions in the Sky with edgier indie rock sensibilities, bringing a fresh and energetic spin on the post-rock genre, as implied by the title. The following August, Pan signed with Post-Echo, a rising collaborative record label based in the Southeast. Much of the following year was spent playing shows across the Southeast, including opening for indie luminaries such as David Bazan and Fang Island, who remains among Pan’s major influences.

In early 2012, Pan headed to Archer Avenue Studio in Columbia, SC to record their first full-length album, These Are the Things I Love and I Want to Share Them With You. With the help of studio engineer Kenny McWilliams, Pan was able to fully realize their vision- an album that was both expansive in scope yet more direct in appeal than their previous efforts. These Are The Things… also saw Pan experimenting with more diverse instrumentation, incorporating ambient synth lines, keyboards, and even vocals- most prominently displayed on their standout track “John From New York.”

Listen: Pan – “John from New York”

Pan wrapped up recording in under a week- a major feat, given the depth of the resulting material. After a mastering session with Dave Harris at Studio B in Charlotte, NC, the record will be released through Post-Echo alongside a companion remix album, with several tour dates to follow. As for the future? If their music is any indication, Pan is sure to find new and exciting ways to welcome whatever comes next. Post-rock is very much alive, and Pan has two fingers firmly on the pulse.

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