Harvey Girls are a Portland based husband and wife psych-pop duo that combine organic and electronics sounds with loops and layers. The couple are gearing up to release their latest album, I’ve Been Watching a lot of Horror Movies Lately on the Portland-based label Circle Into Square. On the LP you will find 9 songs that were created by live looping analog instruments (guitar, floor tom, keyboard, theremin) in real-time, a project that took over 6 months to make.

The first single from the LP, “Smile Like Gwynplaine” has acoustic guitars, cheap synths sounds that create catchy melodies, sporadic marching band drums and hard to understand vocal mutterings. All these elements help to create organic soundscapes with enough twists and turns to keep your ears interested.

I’ve Been Watching a lot of Horror Movies Lately will be released on June 29th.


Harvey Girls – Smile Like Gwynplaine

1. The Body Without Any Eyes
3. Puss
4. Only Apparitions on the Lawn
5. Smile Like Gwynplaine
6. A Letter To The Bees
7. Caerse Muerto
8. Monster
9. Alpha Invasion on Delta Waves (Lullaby of Brueghel)