I shall leave you this Tuesday with this little disco jam courtesy of Fernando Miranda Rios – a.k.a. Michoacan. The record is called “In the Dark of the Night” and it is 8+ minute track that has a funky bounce to it it. It will take you a minute to get to the meat, but that’s OK because Michoacan builds the anticipation from the beginning, and when he finally drops the springy, funky bass, multi-tracked vocal arrangements and twinkly piano notes you have something that grooves from beginning to end.

The single also includes a remix from Italy’s Clap Rules that is dance floor ready. The single will be released at the end of March on DFA, but you can peep it below.


[dewplayer:http://www.eternalnyc.com/boomchik/In The Dark of the Night.mp3]
Michoacan – In the Dark of the Night