Julian Shah-Tayler is a solo artist who writes, produces and performs all his own music. He has produced and/or played guitar, bass and keyboards and sung in bands with Siobhan Fahey, Courtney Love, Joaquin Phoenix, Whitey, drinkme, Adamandevil, Bunny, Piel, Xerox, PFC and many more.

He is set to release his debut Solo EP, “Un Ange Passe” on Impossible Things Records. The debut EP has a very special meaning to Julian as it is a dedication to his friend/muse Christine Shroy-Hull who passed in September of this year.

Almost All of the tracks on his EP are in some ways dedications to Christine for the inspiration she gave him. He does this by crafting some indie-rock/electronic tracks that can go from upbeat dance party to moments of reflection on the things life throws at you. Playing all the instruments on this EP, you can tell this guy has massive talent as a musician. Be it the crazy guitar solos on “Wetter”, or the dark/ mysterious instruments played on “Communication”, he crafts songs that really invoke emotions within the listener. This guy has something going for him, and when his EP drops, I think people will start to notice.

The album will be available on January 1 st 2010 through all digital retailers. Also worth mentioning is that anyone that buys the special edition EP CD from the Impossible Things Records website will also get a bespoke recording for them by Julian. It may be a specially recorded song, a live favorite, a version of a song from the EP or something else altogether, but guaranteed to be available to no-one else in the world.


Julian Shah-Tayler – Wetter