Finally got a chance to listen to the new Pete Bjorn and John Album. And after a first listen I think I like it.

The songs on the album have the same over arching feel as the first one, but this time around, I felt they experimented a little more with their sound. I couldn’t help but to hear vocals/sounds that sound a lot like John Lennon (never a bad thing). The Track “Stay This Way” is a perfect example of that. Very soft and simple; and relaxing to boot.

Another track that stood out for me was “Im Losing My Mind” this track is very spacey/ dreamy & ambient, but yet keeps it edge with a dirty guitar playing little melodies throughout. The Song “It Dont Move Me” sounds a lot like “Young Folks” but is still a very tight track.

My favorite track, and the track which I thought was a good experiment of their sound, was the hip-hop feeling “Nothing to Worry About.” Opening with a choir of children singing the very, very, catchy hook automatically roped me in and reminded me of D.A.N.C.E by Justice. The drums in this track are awesome, it’s a good beat with just the right amount of swing. I have to give them props for this track.

If you liked the first album, you will definitely like this.

Also check out out the Troublemaker remix of this song — equally as good, if not better.


Nothing to Worry About

Nothing to Worry About (Troublemaker_Remix)