So after receiving a mixtape from CEPI with some good house/disco music on it, I proceeded to check out some of the artists in the mix a little more closely. Hence comes Leonardus, a producer from the Netherlands. The minute I heard his track, Love Thing, I was hooked. His production/sound is so good.

With the re-emergence of Disco music on the horizon, his unique blend of disco/house music makes his production work stand out. I have to say that it is pure disco, pure fun for the new generation, and I cant stop listening to it!!!

Luckily after I added him as a friend on myspace, he sent me a link to his mini EP It’s A Love Thing On Saturday, which had the song that got me hooked, as well as another track that is equally as good.

The first track which i mentioned above, Love Thing, is pure fun. Form the very first cowbell hit you will know why. The track is so smooth and the melody is infectious, I highly recommend you check it out.

The Second track, Saturday is equally as good. He creatively uses filters to create a unique sound that just makes you want to dance.

If you don’t check these tracks out, your missing out…


Leonardus – Love Thing

Leonardus – Saturday