Got a brand spanking new remix from our favorite producer in the Dam — Don Diablo.

It is a remix of the Newton Faulkner hit, Dream Catch Me, and track is nothing but excellent.

But it is not your crazy electro dance song that often make up remixes, but rather a change to the melodic side of electronic music

The song reminds me of those 80’s high school parties you often see in movies.

The way Don Diablo opens up that song by using that Juno string pad invokes a soft, tranquil mood that is nothing but bliss — gets u excited for the rest of the track. The drums are not too complicated which leaves plenty of room for the beautiful melodies laid down by Faulkner.

The original track has a beautiful guitar chord progression, yet Don Diablo mixes it up by adding a little dirt to that guitar while at the same time incorporating most of the acoustic guitar

This track is prob the one i like most so far out of Don Diablo’s Remixes

Check it out and get ready for some relaxation on this Monday afternoon… Bravo to the Devil!


Newton Faulkner – Dream Catch Me (Don Diablo Remix)