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    Remix: The Morning Birds – Fall Bloom (Prizm Prime White Light Remix)

16 07, 2014

Remix: The Morning Birds – Fall Bloom (Prizm Prime White Light Remix)

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We have a sweet new remix to share with you guys. It comes courtesy of Prizm Prime. He took his hand at remixing The Morning Bird’s ”Fall Bloom” and brought it into the deep, dark, dub world. His blending of pulsating trip hop beats and reggae-esque acoustic pianos hypnotize and […]

15 07, 2014

Listen: Dog Society – Losing Her Again

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NYC pop collective, Dog Society, have come out with new album called In the Shade, the follow up to 2013′s Emerge. If you feel like you have heard the name before, it is because we have mentioned them before on this site.

Here is a quick refresher, Dog Society consists […]

14 07, 2014

Opien Your Ears

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What better way to start your week off then with some fresh new tunes. This week we bring your Berlin Based Opien. Formed in 1999 by producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Niko Stoessl, Opien is a project of various musical and visual artists sharing the vision to collectively create […]

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    Remix: Nurtuan – Give Me A Chance – (DJMental Blue Remix)

13 07, 2014

Remix: Nurtuan – Give Me A Chance – (DJMental Blue Remix)

By |11:16 am|Electro, Electronic, Remix|1 Comment

Nurbek Komekov, aka Nurtuan, has hit us with a fresh remix from DJMental Blue of his latest record “Give Me A Chance,” a catchy pop tune that pounds your brain with its hook and futuristic synth work. The remix takes all the best parts of the original and elevates […]

11 07, 2014

Listen: Paradis

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French duo Paradis first came on my radar with ultra smoove tracks “La Ballade de Jim” and “Parfait Tirage,” and now it appears they’re about to bust out a new record for us. The guys started work on the new record in South France over a year ago, and […]

8 07, 2014

Listen: Jenny’s Vision Project – Angels

By |11:21 am|News, Pop, Singer/Songwriter|2 Comments

Get ready to break out those tissues because Norway’s Jenny’s Vision Project will bring some tears to your eyes. A multinational independent music project, Jenny’s Vision Project enlists the talent of guest vocalist`s, artists and musicians from Los Angeles, Hollywood, Canada, France and Norway — a universal project in […]

8 07, 2014

Welcome: Vedo

By |10:38 am|Hip Hop|4 Comments

Looking for some fresh hip-hop? Look no further than Vedo. A self produced, hip hop artist/producer from Western Massachusetts, he has been making beats since the 7th grade. Tired of the east coast, he will soon be moving to Los Angeles to follow his dreams.

Vedo sent us some trax […]

3 07, 2014

Listen: Hamaharsha Rock & Pusso Ft.- Ana Game

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Just discovered this new tune by Hamaharsha & Pusso called “Ana Game”. What we are digging about this record was the blending of crazy beats and intertwining drums patterns with the twangy 80′s rock guitar work (courtesy of Pusso). You won’t find any lyrics in this song, but that […]