22 04, 2014

Single: MrSoulsFull – Doomsday

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Have some fresh new music from UK Producer, MrSoulsFull, who describes himself as a “beat junkie cutting dubs from the stomach of the mountains.” I don’t know which mountains he’s in, but I do know his take on the beats genre definitely has our ears. When you listen to […]

20 04, 2014

Listen: Secrets Of A Wooden Hut

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Got some new music to share with you from Melbourne Australia band, Secrets of A Wooden Hut. The band got started when original band members, Heath Mitchell and Scott Murdock got together to bring something back to music that has been missing. They wanted a sound that got back […]

15 04, 2014

Listen: Wetwood Smokes – A Better Man

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Got some new music to share from CA based indie group, Wetwood Smokes. The group started out with stepbrothers Josh Bowman and Steven Howard playing occasionally with each other for years. While playing tunes they met Chrystian Cano, a friend who just so happened to grow up down the […]

10 04, 2014

Listen: Extraordinaire – Shifting Gears

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Got some new music to check out from Tennessee based hip-hop artist Walter Lee, a.k.a. Extraordinaire. He is also 1/2 half of the dynamic duo Black Folk, Inc. (the other half being B-Lo Brown),the Southern Hip Hop group that has made some moves in the South. His success with […]

9 04, 2014

Watch: Ivan Ave on MXD SGNLS

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When you think of places that appreciate good hip hop, Oslo probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. Well, you’re wrong! How could you be so wrong!?

Anyway, Ivan Ave is a product of Oslo’s knowledge and appreciation for golden age hip hop, blues, soul, disco, and jazz […]

1 04, 2014

Listen: Fire and the Romance – She’s A Devil

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A few weeks ago we brought you some tunes from this dope new band we found called Fire and the Romance. Based in LA/NYC, their blend of indie-pop made us habitually hit repeat on our computers. The band now follows up their previous single, “Way Down Below,” with a […]

31 03, 2014

Single: Eastern Bloc – Milk

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New Zealand-based DJ/production duo, Eastern Bloc, just  released their new single ‘Milk’ which is a blend of low-slung jersey club, sexual rap, & house music — yep you read that right.

The project began when  longstanding Wellington club DJ Marek (Polish) met up-and-coming DJ/production talent Artur (Beat Mob/Ukranian) bonded over a mutual […]

30 03, 2014

Video: K-Bass – La Galere

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Time to switch it up and open your ears to some world music. I’d like to present, K-Bass (Bassirima Soro), a world famous runner and rising Reggae/Afro-Pop artist. Raised in the Ivory Coast of West Africa,  he embodies the human spirit. K-Bass overcame  economic hardships to get an education and followed […]